Aadi Das – The man behind Skalabell revolutionizing online businesses with a 360-degree approach to Digital Marketing

Aadi Das – The man behind Skalabell revolutionizing online businesses with a 360-degree approach to Digital Marketing


Skalabell provides a plethora of services including Website Development, E-commerce Solutions, AI funnel, social media marketing, VSL, and Lead Generation all across India and abroad

New Delhi (India), May 28: Aadi Das founded the 360° digital marketing agency Skalabell in Kolkata, India. He provides brands and companies with premium website development, SEO, and digital marketing services to increase sales, control market share, and grow their brand. With experience in Facebook ads sales and social media marketing, Skalabell was founded in the year 2022 to provide services to content creators, MSMEs, and service providers. The company’s goal is to help businesses and brands expand their offline operations online by assisting them in developing their websites in a more inventive and creative way.

Aadi Das’s rich experience comes into play with the most in-demand skills of meta-ads and website development. His successful marketing ideas, which employ tried-and-true, morally responsible methods to assist these organizations in establishing a lasting online presence, have propelled the rapid expansion of numerous businesses. He has amassed a sizable clientele both in India and outside because of his enthusiasm for and proficiency in website design and development, Facebook ads, WordPress development, and meta-ads. Service providers worldwide can optimize high-value sales visits with the assistance of Skalabell’s skilled team. Dietitians, astrologers, Numerologists, and Coaches, are some of the clients across different sectors Aadi has worked with. 

Needless to mention, given a mere fifteen minutes to see information, 66% of respondents state that they would prefer to see something exquisitely crafted over something basic and uncomplicated. Due to his understanding of current market trends and commitment to his clients, Aadi Das was able to assist his clients in their pursuit of the greatest market share. For the team to handle their creative work, content creators in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand now choose Skalabell as their marketing partner.

With the launch of the AI funnel and automated tool, Skalabell aims to skyrocket high ticket sales with automated solutions tailored for marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses focused on high-value transactions, providing them with a robust platform to increase their revenue and elevate their business operations.