From Kabul to Gurugram: KABUL KHOST, Pioneers of Afghan Grilling, Unveils its new outlet in Sector 90, ready to offer its traditional culinary offerings


Gurugram (India), February 15: In a historic fusion of flavours KABUL KHOST, the reputed Afghan griller restaurant has forayed into India, plating its century-long culinary experience, in the heart of Gurugram, unveiling its newest outpost.

Through this outlet, people in the region will now be able to relish the authentic Afghan grill cuisines from KABUL KHOST, established in 1911 in Afghanistan. This is an opportunity for the patrons of Gurugram to experience the divine fusion of flavours and artistry which has been refined over centuries.

Stepping into KABUL KHOST in sector 90 Gurugram, guests experience the transition to the original times of invention and perfection of the rich wholesome tradition of Afghan culinary heritage. Right from the cuisine to the ambience, everything together blends the traditional elements of Afghanistan with a dash of modern touch to provide an inviting vibe to the guests.

At the heart of KABUL KHOST lies its legendary grill, which is a time-honoured tradition preserved over generations dating back to 1911. Right from the classic “Seekh Kebab” to the scrumptious “Afghani Boti.”, each dish conveys the essence through its flavours, texture and taste.

Among the culinary delights by KABUL KHOST,  the “KHOST Signature Grill Platter,” is another gem from their treasure chest. The wonderful infusion of ingredients brings out the very soul of artistry churned into the dish.

The “Charcoal Delight Kebab” beckons with its smoky allure, invoking the energy of bustling Afghan streets in the mind of the one who savours.

All this together, puts forth the idea of KABUL KHOST to allow guests to not just experience the food but the culture that they bring and resonate through their mastery.

For the enthusiasts who are on a constant lookout for unparalleled cuisines and culinary adventure, KABUL KHOST in Gurugram is offering a voyage spanning centuries and continents. It is presenting not just a meal but a celebration of tradition, legacy, and flavours from across the borders.

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