Joint Efforts – The best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center in Gurgaon by Dr. Khushboo Jha


When it comes to persistent pain in the back, muscles, or any joint, physiotherapy becomes the only option in this world of medications, painkillers, and surgeries.

Physiotherapy is taken into account with improvised health technologies. The only thing that drives people to a physiotherapy clinic is pain, and Dr. Khushboo Jha’s Joint Efforts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon can be a great place to start your journey toward managing your health, mobility, and general well-being.

Established in Gurugram, Haryana, Joint Effort is a well-known, upscale, modern clinic that provides physiotherapy care and pain rehabilitation.

With expertise in back and neck pain, knee pain, spinal rehabilitation, musculoskeletal, acute and chronic pain, occupational, and sports physiotherapy, Joint Efforts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre by Dr. Khushboo Jha was established to create a positive impact on the health and wellness of every community by forming integrated professional relationships with patients, community leaders, colleagues, physicians, and members. Prioritizing each patient with the absolute best in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment Joint Efforts focus on providing personalized treatment in no time.

Dr. Khushboo Jha, founder of Joint Efforts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre Gurgaon says “Our goal is to build lasting relationships with businesses in order to meet the needs of their employees. We employ a thorough strategy that combines manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and education. Our team is dedicated to giving you high-quality care that will enable you to reach your wellness and health objectives. We count ourselves fortunate to take pleasure in what we do and strive to find the best solutions for your problems.”

Joint Efforts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre Gurgaon has a fully-equipped center that comprises all the modern and advanced equipment for rigorous physical treatment of patients. The myriad of services provided by Joint Efforts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre Gurgaon includes – Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Spine Physiotherapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Neuro Physiotherapy, Corporate Wellness, providing treatment addressing the issues of Weight Loss, Back Pain, ACL Injuries, Arthritis, stroke, fractures, post-surgery, Spinal Cord and others.

It goes without saying, there are many benefits to receiving physiotherapy, especially in clinic settings. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of a number of illnesses and speeds up the patient’s recovery. Dr. Khushboo Jha is an expert on human movement and plays a crucial part in the prevention, recognition, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of people whose movement and function are threatened or impacted by old age, injury, illness conditions, or environmental factors.

Dr. Khushboo Jha and her team help people at all stages of life heal from injuries, lessen pain and stiffness, improve mobility and range of motion, and enhance function and quality of life, as well as emotional and social well-being.

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