Dr Sinchan Das: An Individual rolled in with different Avatars

Press Release

Dr Sinchan Das is a living example of the fact that consistency and handwork are the two major blends in achieving anything in life. He is the Director and the founding father of the NGO Benevolentia Foundation. He is also an Honorary Guest Professor at the School of Medical and Allied Health Sciences, Brainware University and Sister Nivedita University. Furthermore, he is also recognized as well as honoured for his unique style of Singing “Taankari”. He is the receiver of varying national and international awards such as Bharat Vibhushan by the National Book of Records. Similarly, the Indian Books of Record recognizes him for discovering the Modus Operandi of Homeopathy as well as for his achievement in scoring 100% in the International Health Science Championship, Olympiad Marathon and also for Rogerius Genius of Theoretical Surgery and Anatomical Marathon multiple times. Furthermore, he also received the title of Youngest Scientist and a health activist, Ideal of Peace, Rashtriya Gaurav top 30 Icon Award, IB Hubs Super and many more.

Dr Sinchan Das has been born a bought up in the cultural land of India, Kolkata on the 3rd of December 1990. His life even before his birth was full of trajectory and challenges. Despite many complications in his delivery, he made it through as a fighter. However, their struggle for him was not over. Dr Sinchan Das as a child has lived a very humble life where his Mother Dr Susmita Das and Mr Heradra Nath Das have ensured to shaped his childhood in every way possible.  Another major challenge that came up knocking on his doorstep during his most crucial years was the time when he had to choose his career pathway. This was even more critical for him when to dump his idea of becoming an academician and move on with his musical journey. Life took a major turn for him when he got the chance to join Pratap Chandra Memorial Homoeopathic Hospital and College. Here her pursued his BHMS while proving it to all those who once de-motivated and regarded him as nothing but just an individual with a gifted vocal. Dr Sinchan Das is a character with varying personalities, a teacher, guide, scientist, doctor, health activist, psychologist, singer, poet and many more rolled into one.

One of the major turning points in his life was the publication of one of his very initial papers titled “Diabetes Mellitus and Its homoeopathic Treatment” which got several rejections before it was recognised and accepted, which later on received a National Award. This was not the end of his career rather it was a budding splinter that has bloomed into the person he is today. Dr Das for instance exclaims that he has not reached his success point yet nor has he finished learning. In one of his interviews, he has quoted that, “I am not a teacher rather a student first because the day I started thinking myself to be a teacher is the day to my downfall”. This ignites and determination to achieve anything in life has so made him publish more than 78 research papers under him and two books today. Currently, he is in his new venture working on another major research work that is likely to publish soon this year.

The musical journey of Dr Das on the hand starts at the age of three under mother guidance of his mother who was too heavily bent towards music. Deepening his root deeper in the world of music, at the age of five, he went under the tutelage of the vocal maestro of Rampur Sena Gharana Pt Samaresh Chowdhury for intensive training. Alongside, he also learned to play the melodious instrument Sarode under the guidance of Maihar Gharana maestro Pt Kamal Malllick. Even in this journey, he faced issues with his heavy voice as it made him regarded as unfit or ideal for singing. Despite this criticism, he went on to become the finest singer and went on to introduce a unique instrumental style “Taantrikari”. Apart from this, Dr Das is also known for his Khayal form of signing as well as for his popular renditions of bhajans and Thumri (Devotional Music). In addition, he has also shown a successful implementation of Raag  Darbari Kanada on varying psychological conditions, especially for those suffering from insomnia and PTSD.

In order to offer a consistent service to society, Dr Sinchan got associated with Benevolentia Foundation in 2016. This NGO was initially founded by his father along with his friend Gaur Chandra Das in 1996. Continuing with his father’s legacy, Dr Das in 2021 made Benevolentia Foundation a registered NGO under Company Act 8 with the addition of two daughter wings Humanity Institute for Advanced Medical & Cultural Research (HIMCR) and Charukesi. Under HIMCR, Dr Das along with his volunteer team of more than 90 individuals ensures to makes a consistent contribution to society through monthly peripheral camps, Health Awareness Camps, Health and Hygiene, Psychological Aid and many more. So far, the NGO under the guidance and direction of Dr Sinchan Das has reached out to varying outskirt villages of West Bengal, the Purnia District of Bihar, Norther Eastern states, and many more. Additionally, during the major crisis of Covid-19, the NGO has provided aid to people worldwide through Telemedicine. This makes Dr Sinchan Das a personality who is “consistently persistent and persistently consistent”. Currently, he has also dedicatedly been working against sociophobia, sexuality and gender related issues.

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