Edutech Skill Academy: A Legacy of Excellence in Technical Education Award-Winning Institute in Assam

Edutech Skill Academy: A Legacy of Excellence in Technical Education Award-Winning Institute in Assam


Assam (India), June 3: Edutech Skill Academy formerly known as NBCE Technical Institute (NBCETI) is an Advance Computer & Vocational Skill Development Institute. It established in 2011 by Mr. Pankaj Banik. Edutech Skill Academy (NBCETI) has two campuses in Sapekhati and Borhat, Assam. Students can learn lots of different courses that help them get jobs in technology. It’s been running for more than 14 years and has won many awards. Edutech Skill Academy (NBCETI) is a great place for students who want to do well in tech careers.

Edutech Skill Academy (NBCE Technical Institute – NBCETI) provides an extensive array of courses designed to meet the diverse needs of its students. These courses include:

  • PGDCA: (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application): This advanced course focuses preparing students for high-level positions in the IT industry.
  • ADCA: (Advanced Diploma in Computer Application): A comprehensive program covering various aspects of computer applications.
  • TALLY: A specialized course in TALLY accounting software, essential for aspiring accountants and finance professionals.
  • GST: (Goods and Services Tax): This course offers detailed insights into the GST for professionals dealing with taxation.
  • Web Page Designing: A creative course that equips students with the skills needed to design and manage websites effectively.
  • PDS: (Professional Diploma in Computer Software and Accounting): A dual-focus course providing training in computer software and accounting principles.
  • PDIT: (Professional Diploma in Information Technology): An in-depth IT training program to produce proficient IT professionals.
  • DCA: (Diploma in Computer Application): A foundational course in computer applications, perfect for beginners.
  • Programming Languages: Courses in various programming languages to cater to the growing demand for software developers.

Edutech Skill Academy (NBCE Technical Institute – NBCETI) is renowned for several unique features that set it apart from other technical institutes:

  • Best Institute in Assam: With 14 years of successful operation, Edutech Skill Academy (NBCETI) has consistently delivered quality education.
  • Award-Winning Institute: Edutech Skill Academy (NBCETI) has been honored three times with the “Best of India” award, highlighting its excellence in education.
  • Experienced Faculty: The teachers at Edutech Skill Academy are very experienced and want students to succeed.
  • 100% Job Assistance: Multiple students has already placed in various Government and private sector. Edutech Skill Academy (NBCETI) provides comprehensive job placement support, ensuring every student can secure employment.
  • Digital Classroom: Advance Computer lab with latest hardware & software.
  • Student Felicitation: Edutech Skill Academy celebrates the achievements of its students with special events upon course completion.
  • Personalized Counseling: The institute provides individualized counseling to guide students in their career paths.

Edutech Skill Academy is equipped with modern facilities that create an optimal learning environment. These include advanced computer labs, updated hardware and networking equipment, and vocational training workshops. Such facilities ensure that students receive practical, hands-on training to complement their theoretical knowledge.

Edutech Skill Academy (NBCE Technical Institute – NBCETI) commitment to excellence is reflected in its numerous awards and recognitions. Over the years, the institute has garnered multiple accolades for its outstanding contributions to technical education:

Excellence Awards (2013-2018): Recognized by NEDS, continuously 6 years as the “Best Computer Institute in Assam”.