Elevate Your Sales with Beyond the Numbers

Elevate Your Sales with Beyond the Numbers


New Delhi (India), March 28: Renowned business development expert Anirban Majumder releases his latest book, Beyond the Numbers: Elevating Sales Negotiation from Transactional to Transformational. This groundbreaking guide promises to revolutionise the way professionals approach sales negotiation, transforming them from mere transactional players to strategic partners in business growth.

Dr Srikanta K Panigrahi, the Director General of the Indian Institute of Sustainable Development, IISD New Delhi and Member to the Prime Minister on the National Strategic Knowledge Mission on Climate Change, has greatly appreciated the book Beyond the Numbers. He has remarked:

“Anirban Majumder’s Beyond the Numbers is a powerful publication I have ever seen, which tells you how transactional negotiations can be made transformational to succeed in the most difficult and challenging business deals in the simplest manner. This book is a must, especially for the business leaders of today who are into the depth of international business practices.”

In Beyond the Numbers, Anirban Majumder shares his extensive experience and insights garnered over a remarkable 24-year career in sales, marketing, and negotiation. In this insightful book, readers will delve into the intricacies of negotiation, learning comprehensive strategies ranging from foundational principles to advanced tactics.

The author’s approach goes beyond conventional sales techniques, emphasising the importance of building rapport, trust, and value creation. The book serves as a mentor for management students, working professionals, and MSME owners, empowering them with the skills to navigate objections, embrace continuous improvement, and stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Anirban Majumder stands as a beacon of dedication and passion in the world of business development. His unwavering motivation and result-driven ethos have propelled him to excel in negotiating complex deals and building high-performing sales teams. With experience spanning multinational companies in India and abroad, the author brings a diverse and rich perspective to the table.

In Beyond the Numbers, readers will benefit from the author’s customer-centric approach, his expertise in nurturing and leading sales teams, and his unparalleled negotiation skills. Through real-world examples and practical insights, the author empowers readers to master the finesse of negotiation, turning it into a life skill and joining the ranks of esteemed negotiators who make every deal count.