Embrace the present our true refuge, where we are enough and everything aligns. Rx For Resilience by Dr Saroj Dubey

Embrace the present our true refuge, where we are enough and everything aligns. Rx For Resilience by Dr Saroj Dubey


A Physician’s Perspective on Embracing the Present and Discovering Joy and Strength.

New Delhi (India), May 29: Driven by a poignant incident that shattered the author’s world, Rx for Resilience uncovers the extraordinary power of embracing life’s darkest moments as catalysts for profound growth. In the heart of despair, the author finds an unshakeable source of resilience and joy.

Through thirteen illuminating chapters, the author guides the reader to accept life’s uncertainties, stay in the present moment, navigate turbulent times, and tap into the magic of mindfulness and meditation. Immerse yourself in the exploration of emotions as pathways to serenity, and discover the key to your authentic self, a vast expanse that beckons beyond the confines of the self. Unravel the complexity of your thoughts, allowing your mind to flow freely and creatively.

About the Author:

Embracing the intricate dance between mind and body, Dr. Saroj Dubey seamlessly intertwines his roles as a distinguished Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist in Delhi NCR, a motivational and Tedx speaker, a prolific writer and now author. With a fervent belief in the power of presence and compassion, he has dedicated years to nurturing this connection, guiding countless individuals towards a life brimming with resilience, creativity, and joy. His passion finds expression not only in his practice but also through online mindfulness classes, where he shares his mantra of saying Yes to each moment with an open heart. Dr. Dubey’s newly launched debut book, ‘Rx for Resilience,’ published by Hay House India, serves as a beacon of wisdom for those navigating life’s unpredictable challenges and vicissitudes. Recently, his captivating TEDx talk, ‘The Art of Being and Doing,’ provided guidance to busy people about how one can manage to be still and peaceful within despite demanding external pressures and challenges.   Dr. Saroj Dubey epitomizes the art of wholehearted living, inspiring others to embrace every moment with purpose, vitality and acceptance.

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