Hues ‘The Colour of Luxury’: A Tale of Elegance and Success in Odisha

Hues ‘The Colour of Luxury’: A Tale of Elegance and Success in Odisha

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In a dazzling event, which was held on the 30th and 31st Oct 2023 at Trident Hotel , Bhubaneswar . The vibrant tapestry of Odisha came alive as HUES presented ‘The Colour of Luxury,’ a multi-designer trunk show that captivated the hearts of fashion enthusiasts in the region. This glamorous extravaganza, curated by the remarkable quartet of Gunjan Sarawgi Chandak, Sneha Sarawgi, Ayushi Didwania, and Vedika Khandelwal marked a significant milestone in the state’s fashion scene.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. Lita Mohapatra, (MBBS, MM, MM, FAM, PhD (Hon Doc)) an eminent doctor, serial entrepreneur and President of the Asian African Chamber of Commerce, Odisha, and Mrs. Sushmita Mohanty , the Vice President of Metro TV who did the ribbon-cutting honors and inaugurated the event as the guests of honor.

Dr. Garima Sarawgi , a distinguished Surgical Oncologist from Bhubaneswar, lent her creativity and unwavering support to make this show a resounding success.

The collections showcased at ‘The Colour of Luxury’ were nothing short of exquisite, and the attendees couldn’t resist the allure of hand-picked and expertly curated pieces by these four remarkable women. The event witnessed a tremendous response from the fashion-savvy crowd, who not only appreciated the craftsmanship but also indulged in retail therapy, making it a grand success. In every thread and every stitch, ‘The Colour of Luxury’ painted a vivid picture of artistry.

It not only showcased luxurious fashion but also demonstrated the power of collaboration and determination.