“I was the second choice for most of my films,” Says Shreyas Talpade, Sharing his Journey in Bollywood


Shreyas Talpade is a reknowned name in the entertainment industry, and he has always treated us with a rather memorable experience . By giving a film his all and shining thorough the narrative of his every character. His really great performance in his latest ‘Kaun Pravin Tambe’ , Iqbal, Golmaal, and even garnered a lot of love and praise from the audience as well as critcs. But what is not known to many is that the actor was not the first choice for these films. In a recent reveal on his YouTube channel Ninerasas , he shares how all of his great roles were given to him as a second choice after someone else had said no to them.

But one thing that we can learn from the Om Shanti Om actor is perceiving the world as glass half full rather than half empty. In the video, Shreyas thanks the stars for people rejecting these roles as that became a way for these opportunities to reach him. He says, “I am so happy that I have got these opportunities, and I don’t think that who was the first choice matters. If it’s written in my destiny, it is bound to come to me, and I keep this positive outlook towards everything in life.”

Shreyas Talpade, who has been a nonstop entertainer throughout his journey and career, has played commendable roles in many Bollywood and Marathi films. Now, he is currently looking forward to being seen in upcoming movies Emergency, Kartam Bhuktam, and Single Salmaa. Another one of his amazing series is Majhi Tujhi Reshimgaath.


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