Megha Rani: Empowering Lives and Advocating for Animal Welfare

Success Story

Jammu, J&K – Megha Rani, also known as Heena Jamwal, is a remarkable individual who has dedicated her life to making a positive impact on society. With an impressive educational background, an unwavering love for animals, and a commitment to helping the less fortunate, Megha’s educational journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Jammu University, followed by a Master’s degree in Cloud Computing from Bangalore. While her academic pursuits were impressive, her true passion lay in working towards the betterment of society and the welfare of animals.

Recognizing the plight of animals in need, Megha became an ardent animal lover and caregiver. She selflessly provides food, milk, medical care, and shelter to stray animals in the region. Megha’s dedication to the welfare of animals extends beyond basic care – she ensures their vaccination, safeguarding their health and well-being. Her compassionate efforts have created safe havens for countless animals, offering them a chance at a better life.

Motivated by her desire to address the pressing social issues faced by the community, Megha co-founded the MoonChild social welfare Foundation alongside Shubham Langer. The foundation aims to uplift the lives of the poor and needy, extending support through various initiatives. From providing essential resources to organizing skill development programs, the Moonchild Social Welfare Foundation strives to create a more equitable society where everyone has access to opportunities for growth and prosperity.

In addition to her work with the foundation, Megha also serves as the youth coordinator for the International Human Rights Organization Jammu & Kashmir. Her role involves promoting and safeguarding human rights, particularly among the younger generation. Through her leadership and advocacy, she has become a driving force in empowering the youth and fostering a culture of inclusivity, fairness, and justice.

Megha’s multifaceted contributions extend beyond her involvement in NGOs and human rights activism. She is also the executive editor of Global Matrix Newspaper, a platform established by Shubham Langar. In this role, Megha leverages her passion for writing and journalism to shed light on important social issues, inspiring readers to take action and effect positive change.

With her unwavering dedication and compassionate spirit, Megha Rani has become a role model for many. Her efforts to improve the lives of both humans and animals exemplify her commitment to building a more compassionate and empathetic society. Through the MoonChild Social Welfare Foundation and her association with various organizations, she continues to touch the lives of those in need and advocates for a world where every voice is heard and every life is valued.

Megha’s journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of individual action and the potential for change when one person decides to make a difference. Her selflessness, determination, and love for animals and humanity serve as an inspiration to all, encouraging others to join the cause and create a better future for all living beings.

She was recently interviewed by: Global Matrix also