Multi-talanted Man! Adarsh ​​Swaroop has emerged as a big name as a journalist and a book author. And his fame is like a star.

Success Story

There is a reason Adarsh Swaroop is seen as a top Indian journalist and film critic who has wrote many books like Befikkarr Dil, Lie : Love Is Enough, Lights Camera Action, Fall In The Gilgit War, Peshawar 1919 Time Machine : The Fantasy Adventure Stories and many other scripts.

To have the vision to attain a certain goal in life is one thing, but to make sure to fight tooth and nail to be a part of the “game,” put in every possible effort, incessant hard work, and perseverance to turn those visions into a beautiful reality is altogether a different thing. People have had to surrender to their dreams to be a part of the latter category and have had to leave no stone unturned in getting nearer their visions in life, just like top Indian journalist and film critic Adarsh Swaroop did in the media and journalism sectors.

However, Adarsh Swaroop is more than what meets the eye and has proved his versatility and mettle by acing the game in various niches. This young talent, born on 31st December 1992 in Agra, already came from a business family, and it could’ve been an easy path for him to take forward his family business, but he chose to pave his own path for growth and success in the media and journalism sectors for his love of movies. This is how Adarsh Swaroop went ahead in becoming the film critic, film trade analyst, editor, and journalist that he is today. Besides this, this incredible talent lives to the versatility tag to his name by mastering his craft as a content writer, model, script & screenwriter, Law and Income Tax Advisor. He has collaborated with big brands like Lakme Fashion Week, Studio 18 and Vanhueisen as a model. Has done a pan India dance tour with these fashion brands.

Currently, Adarsh Swaroop works with Hindustan Times, one of India’s leading publications, as a top movie critics analyst and senior content writer.

Initially, he worked at a local news channel in Agra called Taj News as a film critic soon after starting his journey in the industry. Adarsh Swaroop makes sure to leverage the power of social media and posts his film reviews, trade analysis, box office predictions, and more on the same to increase engagement with the audiences on movies.

Adarsh Swaroop (@adarsh_swaroop_) reviews not just Hindi films but also films and shows from Tollywood, Sandalwood, and Kollywood. Right now, he has been garnering all the more headlines, for he is planning to come up with his next book and write more scripts and may even be seen directing a film.