Navigating the Financial Maze: Mr. Shivendra Singh Bisen of Lakshmishree Leads Workshop at SMS Varanasi

Navigating the Financial Maze: Mr. Shivendra Singh Bisen of Lakshmishree Leads Workshop at SMS Varanasi


A workshop on the stock market, titled “Navigating the Financial Maze,” was held at the School of Management Sciences (SMS), Varanasi, on 13th May 2024. The event featured Mr. Shivendra Singh Bisen, Vice-president of Marketing at Lakshmishree Investment, as the keynote speaker.

Mr. Shivendra, a seasoned financial expert, shared his extensive knowledge with finance students. His background includes a rich experience in value investing, financial reporting, and equity valuation. Known for his detailed approach and innovative thinking, Mr. Shivendra provided students with both basic and in-depth insights into the stock market.

Key Insights from Mr. Shivendra’s Workshop

The workshop began with an introduction to the fundamentals of the stock market. Mr. Shivendra discussed the crucial difference between investment and speculation. He emphasised that while day trading requires specialised skills, long-term investing is suitable for everyone. He advised retail investors to consider mutual funds as a safer entry point into stock investing.

Mr. Shivendra explained that a stock is not merely a ticker symbol but represents ownership in an actual business. The value of a stock is tied to the business’s performance, not just its market price. He highlighted the importance of top-level management, parent company support, R&D, global market access, and corporate governance in determining a company’s success.

He taught students strategies for selecting winning stocks inspired by Peter Lynch’s approach. This method involves identifying everyday consumer products and services, buying those companies at reasonable valuations, and holding them long-term. To illustrate these concepts, Mr. Shivendra used examples like Colgate Palmolive, Hindustan Unilever, and Nestle India.

The Magic of Compounding and Capital Allocation

One of the most valuable lessons Mr. Shivendra shared was the power of compounding. He stressed the need for patience to reap the rewards of long-term investing. By holding stocks for an extended period, investors can significantly increase their returns through the compounding effect.

Mr. Shivendra also covered capital allocation frameworks. He explained how companies use generated cash flow for dividends, buybacks, reinvestment, acquisitions, or cash hoarding. Understanding a company’s capital allocation strategy is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

The workshop concluded with a case study comparing Indian promoters with MNC promoters, providing a practical perspective on corporate management. The students were actively engaged, asking relevant questions and showing a keen understanding of financial statement analysis. This interaction demonstrated their ability to grasp complex market concepts and their enthusiasm for the subject.

Workshop’s Impact and Coordination

The workshop, coordinated by Shri Vir Pratap of SMS Varanasi, was a significant success. Students gained valuable insights into the stock market’s nuances and practical knowledge for future investments. Mr. Shivendra’s session enhanced their understanding and inspired them to think critically about financial strategies and market trends.

Mr. Shivendra Singh Bisen also highlighted the diverse financial solutions offered by Lakshmishree Investment. These services range from equities and mutual funds to wealth management and depository services. The value-added services, including mutual fund distribution, IPOs, and portfolio management, cater to various customer needs.

Overall, the workshop was a resounding success, equipping finance students with the essential tools and knowledge to navigate the financial maze confidently.