Of Long Forgotten Dreams a Kaleidoscopic feel published by Ukiyoto


Author: “Suverchala Kashyap is a dreamer at heart, a doer by design. Immersed in the world of words there’s nothing that confines her. She takes off on her flights of fantasy from time to time. Sometimes they lead to exquisite associations, sometimes they are hard to define. In every way there’s an urge to write, to manifest on paper a string of stories that are a reflection of the devious & the divine.”

She is from the field of communication and education having straddled both fields.

She has also written a book of poetry Sunk in Amber: Dewdrops amidst rain. 

About the book: Stories are fascinating little bits of history that play out in several ways. Sometimes they are reflected as kaleidoscopic refractions that catch one’s attention fleetingly and at other times a string of experiences that stay forever.

Of Long forgotten dreams, is an endeavour to showcase the alluring tug that I always felt especially as a child which unfolds even today when a story either stirs my soul, gets me thinking or takes me on intriguing flights of fancy.

Punctuating these experiences was the persistent urge to share the ‘feeling of feeling a story’’.

A good story strikes like a bolt of lightning, yanking one out of eons of slumber, or perhaps light as a feather it leaves an imprint that surfaces every now and then. Reminiscing and retracting: reimagining and refurbishing is the bedrock of all the stories in this collection Of Long forgotten Dreams ensuring that the reader reaches a destination of choice as they maneuver through its intrepid pages.

Life is more often than not a Catch 22 situation: therefore 22 short stories have been carefully written, shaped and culled out of the threads intricately entwined in my heart and mind; each unique and independent in its own way yet with a very distinct thread running through them: holding all the independent and fiercely different characters together; sometimes places calling out loud and clear, sometimes just subtly making sure the reader notices the change, the fluttering heart, the quietude of a moment and the solemn and surreal, woven like an elaborate flying silk carpet that touches the clouds, bounces upon the rainbow and quietly sails away…


Amazon link to the book:- https://amzn.eu/d/fNJafrb

Let’s dive into the author’s insights- 

1. What would you attribute your interest in writing to? 

Ans- I have always wondered what makes a story tick or tug at the heart of a reader.  This has perpetually urged me to not only explore different genres but also experiment with new styles of writing myself. It enthuses me every time with a new vigour and idea of approaching a story.

2. What appeals to you the most in a story both as a reader and a writer?

Ans- The nuanced incompleteness of a moment or the blunt and predictable aftermath of a situation has been something that I always looked for in books that I read and therefore this book of short stories has a combination of both aspects.

3. What is your inspiration for writing this book?

Ans- Romancing words helped shape my today and I continue to delve deeper into their often intriguing and unfathomable mysteries. Yes, the world of words, layered, ambiguous and tantalizing, has been my refuge in times both happy and sad… 

My earliest memories of reading go as far back as I can remember —which chronologically may be classified as long ago, but to me it seems like yesterday.

Apart from being ensconced in the loving embrace of an enlightened extended family, what spurred me further—to develop this urge from an early age was a mother who was a voracious reader, in spite of being an extremely conscientious housewife and a father who smothered us with books: The only vice indulged in, by him when it came to spending beyond his means. Lullabies were punctuated by stories of faraway lands, chivalrous kings, fairies, adventure, gallantry, often padded by a moralistic twist, more of which was a part of education at the convents and public schools, where the intricacies of life were slowly understood and imbibed. Paternal grandparents and aunts who were avid readers too added a cutting edge. My two siblings too were responsible for egging me on and they too are extremely talented and adept with words.

4. Has your own background or exposure contributed to your writing?

Ans- Exposure at age five to a pluralistic culture predominantly south Indian, laced with traces of Anglo-Indian, laid the foundation for a colourful mental fabric. Traversing the length and breadth of the country as a part of a transferrable paternal routine led to visual exposure that found vent during adolescence and adulthood in expression both journalistically and poetically.

5. What is your advice as a creative writing mentor as well as writer?

Ans- I am a strong supporter of free burst writing and experimenting with different styles rather than writing in a very structured and customized style. I strongly feel it is very essential for a writer to find a distinct and original style as well as delve deeper into the labyrinthine complexity of the human mind and create parallel dimensions or universes to explore.


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