Rammy: A Multifaceted Filmmaker Crafting Stories With A Visionary Eye.


Rammy is a true multi-talented creative individual. He is making waves in the film industry as a budding filmmaker. His ancestral roots can be traced back to Kerala, Although his childhood was spent in Delhi and studies were also done in Delhi only.. He is a Dubai based NRI. He does his work in India and Dubai. Rammy has honed all his skills including directing, writing, cinematography and editing. Rammy is knowledgeable in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Tamil and Malayalam languages.

With his undying passion for writing and directing movies and an impressive repertoire of projects under his belt, he is steadily climbing the ladder of success. Currently engrossed in several major endeavours, Rammy is all set to enthrall audiences with his diverse creative ventures.

Rammy is not a man to confine himself to any one line. Rammy has entered the world of audio-visual entertainment with his own production house “Originally Fake Studios”. This production house is all set to become a platform where both movies and songs will be produced.

Foremost among Rammy’s upcoming projects is the highly anticipated feature film titled “Lik-O-Phobia”. It is a captivating exploration of the impact of social media on individuals and their mental well-being. This movie is based on the life of a man who becomes obsessed with getting likes and recognition on social media platforms, eventually driving him to madness. In the end the film has a social message.

Rammy is also working diligently on an engaging short film titled “Self-Respect”. This thought-provoking story revolves around the transformational journey of a woman who understands the profound importance of self-respect. The story begins with a simple act of a lady keeping her self respect under her pillow. However, upon waking up, she finds that her self respect has mysteriously disappeared. As she embarks on a quest to find it, she encounters a series of enlightening experiences that gradually reveal the essence of self-esteem. Through her experiences and self-reflection, she comes to realize that true empowerment lies not in external recognition or material possessions, but in cultivating a deep sense of dignity and self-worth. Rammy’s short film “Self-Respect” is set to deliver a powerful message, reminding viewers of the importance of valuing yourself and embracing the journey of personal growth and fulfillment. This film will be sent to the International Film Festival.

Diversifying his creative endeavours, Rammy has also forayed into music with his album “Jaan Tha”. This musical compilation includes seven soul-satisfying songs, each one crafted with utmost care and artistic skill. Its first song “Jaan Tha” is slated to release in late July 2023 and will take the listeners on an emotional journey.

With his ability to breathe life into his stories and his keen eye for detail, Rammy is able to create powerful and resonant narratives that transcend boundaries. Taking it forward with his passion, Rammy prepares himself in every way to leave an indelible mark on the world of filmmaking.