Redefining Beauty: Kashika Khorwal’s inspiring Journey Beyond Borders to claim the Mrs. India Crown at Haut Monde Mrs. India 2024 Paegent


New Delhi (India), March 4: Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide is one of the leading Beauty Pageants in India that presents a beautiful platform for women across the globe.

The Organisation is run by Mr Bharat Kumar Bhramar a veteran in the Fashion Industry, with an exciting journey of 26+ years as an entrepreneur across Educational Institutions,Travel, Fashion Magazines, Hospitality and the Beauty Pageants sectors. Mr. Bharat spearheads Haut.Monde India Group, as the “Chairman”.

Kashika Khorwal Shines as Haut Monde Mrs. India 2024 Finalist, Representing “The Netherlands”. In the captivating narrative of the Haut Monde Mrs. India 2024 Season 13 beauty contest, Kashika Khorwal emerges as a luminary, representing not only her roots in India but also the grace of the Netherlands. Residing in the Netherlands since 2008, Kashika stands as a testament to the triumph of humble beginnings and boundless aspirations, securing her place as a finalist in this prestigious competition.

Born and brought up in New Delhi, Kashika’s journey is a delightful blend of cultural richness and unyielding determination. From a modest family background, she carries the warmth and resilience of her roots into the dazzling world of beauty pageants, proving that dreams know no bounds.Her family, despite modest beginnings, is a testament to unwavering support and encouragement.

Kashika’s journey has been paved with the love and resilience instilled in her by her family. Their support echoes through the bustling streets of New Delhi, a city that has shaped her in profound ways.What sets Kashika apart is not just her journey from Delhi to the Netherlands but her illustrious career in international education.

Having worked in many Prestigious International schools across India and the Netherlands since 2005, Kashika brings a wealth of experience to her role as an Educator. Her global perspective and dedication to fostering a love for learning have left an indelible mark on students in different corners of the World. As a woman with a heart full of dreams, Kashika envisions herself not just as a beauty pageant finalist but as a beacon of hope for others. Her story is an ode to the dreams that find wings, reaching heights that were once unimaginable. In Kashika Khorwal, we witness the confluence of cultural richness and the grandeur of a beauty pageant stage. Her global journey in education adds another layer of richness to her story.

As she graces the Haut Monde Mrs. India 2024 finale, Kashika brings with her not just the dreams of a Delhi girl but the collective dreams of many who believe that the sky is the limit, no matter where you begin. Furthermore, if crowned as Haut Monde Mrs. India 2024, Kashika has expressed her commitment to supporting charitable causes, with a specific focus on underprivileged child education. Her victory would not merely be a personal triumph but a platform to bring positive change to those who need it the most. Kashika’s dedication to philanthropy underscores her belief in using her position for the greater good, showcasing a beauty that goes beyond appearances and extends to making a meaningful impact on society.

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