Sam Authentique: A Decade of Literary Excellence

Sam Authentique: A Decade of Literary Excellence


Since its founding on June 1, 2009, Sam Authentique has been a cornerstone in the book publishing industry.

Established by visionary founder Vishalsam Sikarwar and led by CEO Vishal Sikarwar, the company has carved out a distinguished niche in the literary world. Operating from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Sam Authentique is known for its dedication to quality and its diverse range of publications.

Sam Authentique’s success is rooted in its commitment to fostering literary talent and producing high-caliber works. The company publishes an impressive array of genres, ensuring a rich and varied catalog that appeals to a broad audience. This inclusive publishing approach has earned Sam Authentique a loyal readership and a respected name among authors and literary enthusiasts.

The strategic location in Ahmedabad allows Sam Authentique to draw from a vibrant local culture while also reaching global markets. The company’s products reflect this blend of local and international influences, offering readers unique and engaging content.

Key to Sam Authentique’s growth is its robust online presence. Through its website, [](, the company provides an accessible platform for readers to explore and purchase their books. This digital access complements their physical publishing efforts, making their extensive library available to a wider audience.

As Sam Authentique looks to the future, it remains committed to its founding principles of integrity, quality, and innovation. The company continues to adapt to the evolving literary landscape while maintaining its core mission of delivering exceptional books. With over a decade of experience, Sam Authentique stands as a testament to the enduring power of great literature and the continued passion for the written word.