“Student suicide is worrisome” – Ramesh Chandra Sharma (dada) “The ‘Shaurya Naman Foundation’s Student Helpline’ will soon be launched.”…

“Student suicide is worrisome” – Ramesh Chandra Sharma (dada) “The ‘Shaurya Naman Foundation’s Student Helpline’ will soon be launched.”…


“The most reliable organization in the country for serving the families of martyrs and honoring soldiers, Shourya Naman, is soon starting a helpline for the welfare of students,” according to its founder Ramesh Sharma. “Due to the pressure of studies and the excessive ambitions of parents, there are often reports of students committing suicide.

Our aim is to try to resolve such incidents and understand their mental state.”

The suicide of students is a subject that generates deep contemplation within society. This insidious problem can be a result of various social, mental, and economic circumstances. Ignoring it only exacerbates the profound human suffering it causes.

There could be several reasons behind students’ suicides. Among the most significant are mental health issues, familial stress, educational pressure, and the negative influence of social media. Often, these stem from internal and external pressures that make students feel isolated and helpless.

The pressure within the education system can also impact students’ mental well-being. The competitiveness, exam stress, and fear of failure can push students into extreme stress.

The increasing impact of social media has also become a major concern for students’ mental health. Negative posts online, cyber bullying, and the spread of negative comparisons on social media platforms can exacerbate students’ depression and anxiety.

Preventing students’ suicides will require collective efforts from society.

To address this issue, governments, schools, families, and communities need to take stringent measures.

Firstly, we need to enhance resources to understand students’ mental health and reach solutions empathetically. Schools should permanently integrate mental health into their curriculum by recruiting professional counsellors and experts.

Secondly, families also need resources to understand and provide support for their children’s mental health. They should build better relationships with their children, understand their emotions, and provide them with support.

Thirdly, social media platforms also need to understand their responsibility. Governments need to take firm and stringent steps on this matter.

Shaurya Naman is arranging discussions and solutions on this issue with other experts. It is preparing topics such as guidance from specialists in higher education, financial assistance for economically disadvantaged students, the role of local guardians, medical support, housing and meals along with a free library, and many other subjects.


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