‘The Crazy Tales’ Powerful Women Awards 2024, successfully wrapped up on March 22 in New Delhi

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The Crazy Tales on 22nd of March 2024, Organised the 4th Powerful Women Awards at the India International Centre (IIC), Multi- Purpose Hall, Lodhi Road, in New Delhi.

The Crazy Tales has been honouring the most Influential Women from all over the nation from the last five years. Additionally, they have also organized award shows periodically to acknowledge and celebrate these remarkable women. Notably, The Powerful Women Awards 2024, in particular, completed its fourth season successfully this year. The women honored here are credited with accomplishing exemplary work in their respective fields of expertise.

The event commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamps, followed by a beautiful and engaging dance performance of Ganesh Vandana by Gauri Arora from the Samidha Welfare Foundation, Gurgaon and a very mind wavering session by a Mind mapping expert and life coach –Joana ,this session have given the audience a peace of mind and more power .

The event was also graced by some of the most eminent personalities from across India, as well as panelists who have accomplished exemplary work in their respective fields.

In the start of the inaugural speech, the founders of The Crazy Tales, Mr. Manish Mishra and Amrita Kar, expressed gratitude to all the partners, panelists, and special guests of honor who participated in the event. Amrita Kar also extended special thanks to Dr. Mohita Sharma from Tirupati Eye Clinic, Noida, and Neelam Nishad from Laxmi Jewelers, Kanpur, India for supporting the event with their support and guidance .

Mrs. Amrita Kar also expressed gratitude to the Chief Guest of the event, IPS Jitendra Mani Tripathi, Deputy Director of Delhi Police Academy.

The event, then began with a panel discussion featuring some of the most eminent personalities, included the following panels: Karishma Sethi, Social Activist and Operation head at Samidha Welfare Foundation;  Aparna More, International Yoga Therapist; Dr. Mohita Sharma, one of India’s Best Eye Care Specialist and Surgeon; Azeem Uddin; Author and Speaker.

In this panel, Karishma Sethi discussed the importance of social work for the affluent class, emphasizing their role in supporting females and women, as well as their contributions to helping children through the Samidha Foundation. She also emphasized how social work provides comfort, regardless of where you are in life. Aparna More spoke about the need to prioritize health in achieving work-life balance. She also provided tips on how to maintain good health in daily life. Dr. Mohita Sharma emphasized the importance of instructing our children to protect their eyes from excessive screen time and highlighted how it can lead to various problems. Ajeem Uddin discussed how networking and socializing with others can lead to a happier life. He also explained how we can motivate ourselves to lead a healthy llife.

For our second panel, we have Dr. Salim Khan, Founder and Chairman of Little India Foundation; Dr. Beulah Jasmine Rao, Scholastic Academician; and Monica Thomas, Creative Learning and Memory Coach, founder of White Forest Academy.

Dr. Salim Khan discussed the importance of NGOs, how they operate, and their role in social work. He also shared insights into his own life. Dr. Beulah Jasmine Rao discussed how the health industry can contribute to improving human health and emphasized the importance of personal growth and maintaining a healthy work-life balance for overall well-being. Monica Thomas emphasized how we can train and stimulate our kids’ brains to sharpen their memory, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle.

After the panel discussions, they held a Thanksgiving and Felicitation ceremony for the panelists before moving forward to the award ceremony.

Honorable Chief Guest, IPS Jitendra Mani Tripathi, Deputy Director of Delhi Police Academy, gave the encouraging and inspiring speech about the importance of collaboration between men and women in the workplace, emphasizing the value of gender equality and encouraging women to pursue their goals with confidence. Additionally, he shared some of his poetry, adding a touch of inspiration and creativity to his message.

For the closing ceremony, Sakshi and Muskan concluded the event with a Powerful Dance presentation on women empowerment, illuminating the entire auditorium with their message and also with the group photograph of all the awardee .

The awardees were felicitated by the Chief Guest IPS Officer, Jitendra Mani Tripathi, DY Director of Delhi Police Academy and the founder  of The Crazy Tales, Mrs. Amrita Kar

The awardees for the event were:-

1. Karishma Sethi, Women Of Excellence 2024 (SOCIAL CAUSE)

2. Dr. Diksha Tripathi Pandey, Women Of Excellence 2024 ( EDUCATION- POSTHUMAN STUDIES)


4. Lakshita Bhatia, Women Of Inspiration 2024

5. Harpreet Ahulwalia, Women Of Excellence 2024( ENTREPRENEUR)

6. Nisha Singh , Best Fashion Influencer 2024

7. Neelam Nishad, Best Emerging Business Women 2024( LAXMI JEWELLERS)

8. Megha Vishwas, Women Of Excellence 2024 (ACTOR & VOICE OVER ARTIST)

9. Dr. S. Sukanya Iyer, Best Social Contributor 2024

10. Priya Shah, Best Project Consultant 2024 (LUXURY REAL ESTATE)

11. Deepti Nagpal, Women Of Excellence 2024

12. Jessica Singh, Best Women Entrepreneur 2024( PR & MARKETING)

13. Tehseen Zaidi, Best Communication Professional 2024

14. Khusboo Vermani, Women Of Excellence 2024( Events- Educational Sector)

15. Deshna, Best Young Public Speaker 2024

16. Smita Jaiswal, Best Architect & Design Expert 2024

17. Praveen Urmila, Best Emerging Women Entrepreneur 2024( Klikk)

18. Divya Gupta Kotawala , Best Prolific Author 2024

19. Harsimar Chawla, Best Social Change Maker 2024

20. Preety Dubey, Best Emerging Animal Rescuer & Activist 2024

21. Millin Sangha Gujral, Best Clinical Psychologist 2024( HAPPY STROKES)

22. Dr. Beulah Jasmine Rao, Best Administrator 2024 (NURSING)

23. Komal, Best Emerging Makeup Artist 2024

24. Taniya, Best Budding Makeup Artist 2024

25. Dr Deepali Santosh Jannu, Best Rieki Healer & Occult Science Expert 2024

26. Rajeshwari Yerva, Women Of Excellence 2024, ( ARTIST AND GRAPHIC DESIGN EXPERT)

27. Aakanksha, Best Emerging Digital Influencer 2024( SOCIAL & LIFESTYLE)

28. Rimjhim Dubey, Best Anchor 2024

29. Stuti Devarshi, Women Of Excellence 2024 (BANKING)

30. Megha Rawat, Women Of Excellence 2024 K ( FASHION & ACTING)

31. Dr. Neeta Pant, Women Of Excellence 2024 ( INNOVATIVE EDUCATION)

32. Dr. Pallavi Chauhan, Best Naturopathist 2024 ( PIRANVI HEALTH CARE)

33. Sneha Gupta, Women Of Excellence 2024 (SENIOR RESEARCHER & ODISSI DANCER)

34. Dr. Akshaya Pawar BDS, Best Clinical Expert 2024( DENTISTRY- DENTOSMILE)

35. Daya Wati, Best Educator 2024

36. Dr.Smita Rahul Malviya, Women Of Excellence 2024( DENTIST & COSMETOLOGIST)

37. Amanpreet Makeovers, Best Makeup Trainer 2024

38. Shanti Kumari, Best Makeup Artist 2024

39. Shrinkhala Sahai, Best Clinical Therapist ( PSYCHOTHERAPIST) 2024

40. Sapna Sharma , Best Budding Makeup Artist 2024

41. Meena Saini, Best Yoga Therapist 2024

42. Meena Saini, Best Tarot Card Reader and Healer 2024

43. Arshita Singh, Women Of Excellence 2024 (Literature)

44. Bhawna Paliwal, Best Women Detective 2024( Tejas Detective Agency)

45. Priyanka Rani, Best Clinical Expert ( OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGIST NURSING) 2024

46. Aparna More, Best International Yoga Therapist & Mentor 2024

47. Monica Raina Roshan, Best Women Of Excellence ( Lifestyle, Beauty & Parenting)

The team of The Crazy Tales would like to extend heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all the supporters and attendees of the Powerful Women Awards show 2024. It would also like to thank the awardees of the event for being such an inspiration to women all over the world.