The P&P Digital Company’s Co-Founder and Emerging Influencer, Arjun Pathade

Business Success Story

CIDCO N-2’s Arjun Tulshiram Pathade is a rising star in the fields of digital marketing and influencer management. He started the company P&P Digital, which uses online celebrities to spread the word about products and services. In spite of initial setbacks, Arjun persevered and is now an influential businessman and college graduate.

Arjun grew up in Navi Mumbai, India, with his middle-class family. He graduated with a BA in liberal arts from Shiv Chhatrapati College but was unable to further his education owing to family financial obligations. He needed to start making money so he could provide for his family, and that’s when he learned about online advertising. Throughout the first part of his career, Arjun was an Instagram and YouTube influencer known by the moniker P&P Digital. His fans rapidly became engaged with his content since he often shared humorous videos, viral memes, and trending hashtags.

Arjun came to see the power of influencer marketing as a means of promoting businesses as his following developed. He then began teaming up with firms of all stripes to market their wares via his extensive web of contacts in the influencer community. Arjun’s first big break came when he shared the Marathi music video for “Navari Pathe Ga” on his social media channels. Arjun became well recognised in the music business when the video of him performing went viral.

Arjun was so inspired by his accomplishment that he launched P&P Digital, an influencer management firm. Starting off, he assembled a small team of Maharashtra-based and out-of-state content makers and influencers. As time went on, he was able to increase his network to over 1100 influential people from all across India, including those in Delhi, Gujarat, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

Arjun’s approach to influencer management is unique and innovative. He believes in building strong relationships with his influencers, treating them as partners rather than employees. He gives them the encouragement, direction, and tools they need to develop posts that will interest their readers. Arjun also focuses on promoting diverse and inclusive content that reflects the values and aspirations of his audience.

Arjun recognises that influencer management is not a simple area. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistence to succeed. Many people have tried and failed in this field, but Arjun believes that with the right mindset and approach, anyone can succeed as an influencer or an entrepreneur. He advises aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths, build their brand identity, and be consistent in their efforts.

Arjun’s journey from a struggling college graduate to a successful influencer and entrepreneur is an inspiration to many. He has shown that with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude, anyone can overcome the odds and achieve their dreams. Arjun’s vision for P&P Digital is to become a leading influencer management agency in India, promoting diverse and inclusive content that empowers and inspires people.