Top 5 PPC Advertising Agency in India 2024


Digital Marketing has taken over the business world with its unique techniques of Marketing and creating organic reach for the audience. There are many parts of digital Marketing through which business houses try to take their products in front of the end users. Pay-per-click advertising is one such means which many entrepreneurs use for the benefit of their businesses. Pay-per-click advertising, as the name suggests, is where the advertisers only have to pay the ad agencies when their content gets clicked. When the links get connected by the potential customers or leads, the business owner advertising their products will have to pay the agency as per the decided costing norms. This has become one of the most popular types of advertising in the present times. In this blog, we will understand the top 5 PPC advertising companies in India as per their customer satisfaction and the work that they follow to show the results to their clients. They are as follows-

· 1) Digi Hawks Marketing 

· Company Website:

· Company’s Headquarters: D185 Phase 8B, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140708

· Contact:

· Year of Founding: 2015

· Reviews: 1700+

· Projects Delivered: 10,500

· Revenue Granted: $2 Million

· Case Studies: 800+

Digi Hawks Marketing is one of the top-rated PPC Advertising agencies for pay-per-click advertising. They have many years of experience working in this field and have developed excellent expertise concerning technical skills. Digi Hawks Marketing uses its skills and techniques to generate more Sale for the e-commerce business with the help of Google ads and Facebook ads. Google ads are proven ways of reaching your potential audience, and every time a user clicks on your link, you only have to pay for the same. They offer help to all kinds of startups and then grow them by getting them more clients, which also increases their revenue. Just generating leads is not enough for the business. It should be blended well with having all the techniques to convert them into potential customers, which Digi Hawks Marketing does well. They offer services mainly related to Google AdWords, Facebook ads, managing your PPC advertising under one roof, and the SEO for Boosting leads and sales of your e-commerce website. They are one of the trusted agencies for PPC ads because they have received Google certification in various fields and also Google Analytics, which gives them good star ratings from customers.

They are a kind PPC advertising agency because they provide strategies that have long-term effects on the organization for their benefit. Once you connect with them, you don’t worry about advertising and other marketing-related activities because everything will be handled in an organized and professional manner. They have creative techniques and a blend of knowledge in the PPC ad agency field. They create a fantastic vision for your e-commerce company that will become an accurate picture in the coming years.

·2) Rahul Social Advertising

Company Website:

· Company’s Headquarters: D-185  Phase 8B, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140708

· Contact:

· Year of Founding: 2017

· Reviews: 1000+

· Projects Delivered: 7,500

· Revenue Granted: $1 Million

· Case Studies: 500+

Rahul Social Advertising is next in line, one of India’s best Facebook advertising agencies. Their primary focus is on boosting sales while generating more ad leads on the Facebook platform. They are very dynamic and will enhance your sales with effective strategies to enable them to the next level. Facebook has a vast user base, which ad agencies should capture well. Rahul Social Advertising has precisely captured the essence of Facebook ads. Their website offers accurate results and Feedback from the clients they have worked with. The Feedback is genuine and provided by their real-time clients because of the satisfaction of working with them.

They closely examine the type of e-commerce company our clients own and then form a strategy that will suit them the best. Every company is different and needs a unique plan to capture market customers precisely. With the help of their strategy applied for the Facebook ads, the audience reach would be massive, targeting is done in a very flexible manner after properly studying different segments that need to be targeted, and finally, there would be a gigantic blowup in your demand and sales. If you want to dominate the market and take your sales growth to the next level with a tried and tested Facebook advertising agency, you should go with them.

3) Xtreme Ads

Xtreme Ads is a well-known pay-per-click advertising company with many years of experience in this field. They have a vast client base of approximately 200 clients or more who have been satisfied with the results provided to them. They specialize in providing services related to YouTube, Google, and Facebook ads. They serve ad marketing services to clients in India and foreign countries and have a vast network. They devise strategies that bring in results to the clients on a long-term basis related to lead generation and then, finally, conversion of them into loyal, all-time customers.

4) Global Advertising media

Global Advertising Media is the fastest-growing digital Marketing agency based in Mumbai, India. They are primarily known for providing services related to social media optimization, management, search engine optimization techniques, and much more. They know all the latest trends in the field of Digital Marketing and will provide you with the best results based on their skills and techniques. Their strategies are one of a kind, which will easily fetch results for the clients. Their years of experience also make them able to solve complex problems. Their vast client base has given them good Feedback based on their work and technical aspects.

5) Webhopers

Webhoper is a recently established advertising and Digital Marketing firm that is getting a good run owing to its work. They provide services like SEO optimization, pay-per-click ads, social media Marketing, e-commerce store optimization, Facebook ads, and Google ads. They have excellent teams that professionally manage the work of the clients in time to get them the results that they have been expecting. Their pricing model is also very flexible and is designed based on the preferences and needs of their clients. Their work gained recognition in less time owing to the skills and talent that they bring to the table related to the Digital Marketing and pay-per-click ads field.
Those mentioned above are some of India’s top five pay-per-click ad agencies regarding client satisfaction and the services they provide.

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