Unveiling GrowBiz Network: Empowering Futures Amidst Challenges

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In today’s rapidly evolving world, the demand for accessible and effective education has never been greater. Enter GrowBiz Network, a trailblazing platform at the forefront of the educational revolution. With its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to empowering learners worldwide, GrowBiz Network is reshaping the landscape of education as we know it.

Before telling about the company let’s know about how the idea of GrowBiz formed. The founder, Mr. Rohit Kumar Dahiya, comes from a middle-class family where his father is a government employee. He aspires to achieve more than what a government job can offer, including his dream house and car. Starting his career in the private sector with a salary of 14,600 INR, Rohit understood that this was just the beginning of something significant.

Reflecting on his decision, Rohit shared, “When I received my first job offer letter, I questioned whether it was the right choice or a big mistake. I sought advice from someone joining another company with a package of 10 lakh INR per annum and a monthly salary of 75k. He expressed dissatisfaction due to the high-stress levels, longing for the peace that a government job might offer with a salary of 30k.”

This realization was a shock to Rohit, challenging his belief that hard work alone would lead to significant salary increments and a balanced life. During the initial three months of his job, he enjoyed the learning process and developed strong friendships. However, as work pressures increased during actual production, Rohit observed two distinct types of colleagues: those merely fulfilling their roles for the paycheck and those striving for excellence. He identified with the latter group, earning recognition from his managers.

As some of his teammates switched jobs for better opportunities, they encouraged Rohit to do the same, citing limited salary increments in their current organization. Recognizing that his current pace would not lead to substantial earnings, Rohit explored other opportunities. This led him to discover the share market, hearing stories of how it transformed the lives of many middle-class individuals.

Through his journey, Rohit’s experiences highlight the importance of seeking growth opportunities beyond conventional paths and embracing new avenues for personal and professional development. So he started to learn about the share market with the book called The Intelligent Investor which is recommended by every investor and trader in the world. So he started, and that is the 1st book he has started reading after graduation, and he fell asleep so many times. That day he realized that there must be a more interesting way to learn things not like in the books.

So he started surfing online like YouTube and Google and he found so much content there. He realized that there is a lot of content and everyone is an expert there so that is very hard for him, and he found it very difficult to identify the right knowledge for the right path. He wasted like 3 months there and by following so many different paths and 10K loss in the market. He would not say that he hasn’t leaned anything but he realized that he could have started some classes maybe from 1 particular person. Then he googled many organizations those provide online classes that he can take while working on his job. That time he spent like 45 thousand courses and that gave him a right direction to the systematic knowledge path.

At this time he had no idea that this issue that he faced is a universal problem. But one day when he was traveling in Delhi metro toward the job there is a person whose age is around 35-40 and he is taking a trade. So, he got excited that he met a person who is more experienced than him and working on the same path that he wants to go. So he asked him that is he making a profit today or a loss. He said that today is a loss day for me but I am on an even stage in the market. So he asked him that how can he become a successful trader or an investor in the market. He told him that he should learn 1st and don’t rush the learning process because the market will here forever and don’t rush to start making trades. He said that trading is a skill and the skill will not develop in a day but if you able to learn and manage your risk that you can become good at anything and that’s why out of 10 people 9 people make loss in the share market. So if you want to become that 1 person than you have to gain knowledge like them. That day he realized that this is a universal problem and it is not just in the trading industry it is the same in every industry. People should be more focused on learning more than jumping into the work.

That day he thought that today everything is online people buy online like clothes and electronics, etc. everything is available online and that time COVID came so the education is also online. Oh, COVID, that is a disaster all over the world and for him as well because due to the COVID he lost his job also. That time he saw the uncertainty in his life. And also his father also started nagging him that he should have prepared for the government job now look he is unemployed. That time his mother is his best support and she told him that he should do what makes him happy. So as he is not doing for 2 months he thought that he will build a website but he doesn’t have the money but he has a friend named Sunil Saini (Co-Founder), he shared the idea and he agreed to finance the project. So they have started the work and started connecting with the instructors to teach on GrowBiz Network. This is the start for something amazing and on the next chapter, we will reveal how GrowBiz Network solved a big issue worldwide.