What Dietician Ruchita Maheshwari eats to stay fit


Who is Dietician Ruchita Maheshwari?

Dietician Ruchita Maheshwari is the Founder, Dietitian/Nutritionist & Certified Diabetes Educator, PCOS expert by profession of Healthy Mantra (www.healthymantra.co) have more than 11+ years of experience has helped 15000+ clients across 25+ countries with Fat Loss, Muscles Gain, Reverse Diabetes, PCOS, Fatty Liver, Thyroid, hypercholesterolemia, Improve IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Ulcerative colitis, Celiac Disease, Kidney disorder, Heart condition, and much more naturally with power of nutrition. She has won many awards as best dietitian & has also given many interviews on news channels, social media & leading magazines.

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Here is what Dietician Ruchita Maheshwari eats to stay fit


Before eating breakfast, I like to start my day with soaked almonds or soaked black raisins or 1 glass fresh white pumpkin juice or soaked fennel seeds water or green juice (pineapple, celery, fresh mint leaves). I keep changing it as per climate and need. I make a point to have them in spite of having busy days. When it comes to fuelling your body for the day ahead, what first goes in your mouth plays a vital role in setting the tone for your overall well-being.


In case if my breakfast is post an hour of waking up I prefer to eat a seasonal fruit as it is important to have breakfast within an hour of waking up if some days it is not possible a fruit works too then followed by breakfast. I enjoy warm breakfast in the mornings either steamed idli’s with sambar which i love the most, vegetable dosa with sambar or vegetable poha or vegetable upma or quick vegetable roti churma made from last night chapatis on quick go!


Mid-morning goes with seasonal fruits with 1 glass buttermilk / coconut water or 1 mug green tea or 1 cup detox tea


Lunch is mostly with no salads as I am not salad person, so i enjoy to eat sabji with rice or roti and dal or pulses. I am rice lover so I relish rice more!!

Sometimes when i get that snack cravings to eat along with food i usually have 1 tsp podi powder mixed with some drops of cows ghee, just enjoy it with the food and this trick always works for me.


In evening I usually prefer some dry snacks like some ghee roasted makhanas or may be roasted chana with jaggery works well for sweet cravings (this is great for the people who are struggling to boost their haemoglobin and energy) or roasted rice puff.


I like to eat stomach filling dinner else it will hinder my sleep in the night with hunger pangs, I love to eat varieties like home-made vegetable paneer franky, Non fried tikkis with some hummus, steamed dahi wada with some Indian spices, vegetable pasta once a week which is homemade, biryani, kadhi-rice with sabji, paratha with raita.

I use my own mindful eating and always keep my eating schedule pre-planned which helps me to stick to my routine. The result is I am able to maintain my health and fitness goals without restriction—and more importantly, without having to sacrifice the foods I love! The key is to enjoy your daily routine without making it as punishment. This is my routine and it may differ for others as per their need.