New Poetry Collection Pollens Blossoms with Spiritual Reflections

New Poetry Collection Pollens Blossoms with Spiritual Reflections


New Delhi (India), May 21: Bijayananda Mishra, a retired telecommunication engineer turned poet, unveils his latest literary piece, Pollens. Bursting with profound spiritual insights and heartfelt odes to friendship, Mishra’s debut poetry collection is set to captivate readers with its reflections.

Born in Keonjhar town in 1951 and nurtured in the scenic coastal city of Puri, the poet’s journey has been marked by a deep appreciation for his cultural roots and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Graduating in Engineering, Electronics, and Telecommunication in 1977, and later attaining a post-graduation in Computer Engineering Data Processing in 1988, he dedicated the prime years of his career to spearheading transformative projects in his home state of Orissa.

During his tenure at the Orissa State Electricity Board and beyond, Mishra played a pivotal role in ushering in the era of computerization and networking, leaving an indelible mark on the state’s banking infrastructure through his visionary projects in core banking and centralised data management. However, it was in the tranquil embrace of retirement that Mishra found the freedom to explore his true passion—poetry.

Pollens stands as a testament to Bijayananda Mishra’s resilience and creative spirit, emerging from a period of personal adversity following a brain injury in 2016. Despite facing the challenges of memory loss and physical confinement, Mishra’s dedication to his craft remained unwavering, resulting in a collection that transcends the boundaries of language and culture.

Whether contemplating the mysteries of existence or celebrating the enduring bonds of friendship, Pollens invites readers on a journey of self-discovery and emotional resonance.

With a keen eye for the beauty inherent in life’s fleeting moments, Mishra’s poetry serves as a gentle reminder of the fragility and preciousness of our shared human experience. Through his lyrical explorations, he invites readers to pause, reflect, and find solace in the timeless wisdom woven into each verse.